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A Letter from Hogwarts, on Unicorns


Dear Miss Granger,

I am answering here to your doubts on unicorn Standards.

Standards were written in ancient times by magicians that had a deep knowledge of unicorns, and of dragons as well, in working conditions. Unfortunately, nowadays, only a few muggles, have achieved the same degree of knowledge and practical expertise.  The average muggle breeder is aware that the Standard demands a certain physical trait, but he does not really understand what it means. Words do not give him a real image. Furthermore, he does not know the reason that makes some traits so desirable. In ancient times, a muggle was capable of judging a unicorn properly, but  he forgot, once he became part of the “system”. Once inglobed  within the system,  he  forgot. Please go and read what is written in “The Unicorn in Action» by Lyoness McElf“.

In case you are still curious and want to know more, I suggest you, besides the textbook you have already studied during last semester, to read all my books, written in modern latin. Foreign magicians and muggles can easily read some articles written in Anglo-Saxon language linked here (they say something on dogs as well), and my book in Anglo Saxon on the Afghan Unicorn. I also remember you there are plenty of papers on the Magical Creatures Aesthetic and Functionality website 


Marius Cantonis

Professor of Magical Creatures Aesthetic and Functionality (Hogwarts)   


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