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Why and how to benefit from the Gundog Research Project


The Gundog Research Project has carefully been designed with dogs, hunters and trialers in mind. Understanding how the dogs are managed is a preliminary, yet a fundamental step to discover which practices are the best and which ones could be implemented. Hunters and all the activities related to hunting and shooting are often misunderstood and criticized by public opinion: a change is needed and hunters, as well as gundog trainers and handlers, can give an important contribution. Gundogs need you and your answers matter!

As animal welfare has been increasingly becoming an area of public concern, we think that hunters, gundog lovers and gundog related organizations would benefit from being “proactive” (showing a positive image of fieldsports) rather than reactive (trying to defend themselves from accusations). Your participation to this project can help outsiders to understand that you care about your dog’s welfare (I am sure you do!) and also help them understand the gundogs’ true nature and deepest needs. At the same time, your answers will help us to identify the weaknesses that might exist in gundogs management and see if and how they could be implemented. Previous studies on working and shelter dogs, in fact, tell us that very minor changes in management can reduce the dogs stress levels, improve their health and… also enhance their performance in the field!

Ps. We are working on getting a few prizes which will be drawn among those filling the survey.

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