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In Defence of Dogs


I am back after a couple of very  busy months: I was busy writing for “real” magazines, freelancing as a translator and editor and… studying for my last veterinary school exam. Now that all veterinary schools exams are over, internships aside, I need to start researching more for my dissertation which is going to be on Gundog Welfare (check the link for more information).  Right before starting to dig into scientific journals, I decided explore the books and ebooks I have at home and I wish to share something with you. First of all, if you have not done it yet, take some time and explore the works of Temple Grandin. Yes, she focuses on livestock mainly, but her stuff is great.

As a second step I suggest you two books I am going through. One is titled In Defence of Dogs by John Bradshaw. This is one of my favourite books ever:  it is pleasurable to read and yet extremely accurate. Every dog lover should own a copy, especially if he or she plans to train his dog. The other book is titled The Domestic  Dog. Its Evolution,  Behavior and Interactions  with People and it is edited by  James Serpell. The book is indeed a collection of chapters by different scholars such as Raymond Coppinger,  M.B. Willis,  Benjamin and Lynette Hart and  Valerie O’ Farrel. I currently have the first edition, published in 1995 but I know there is an updated 2nd edition published in 2016.

One more valuable resource on Animal Behavior and Welfare is the online course by the University of Edinburgh available online through the educational platform. It can be taken for free and subtitles are available in different languages.

I will try to be back soon with more articles!

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