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    The English Springer by Arthur Croxton-Smith

    From the book The Power of the Dog (1910) THE ENGLISH SPRINGER “O, how full of briers is this working-day world!” Shakespeare—As You Like It. “The chief requisite in all kinds of spaniels is, that they be good finders, and have noses so true that they will never overrun a scent. . . . . They should be high-mettled, as regardless of the severest weather as of the most punishing cover, and ever ready to spring into the closest thicket the moment a pointed finger gives the command.” General Hutchinson The transition from the toy varieties to a spaniel is somewhat violent. The one is intended to please the eye,…

  • Dogs & Country

    The Pointer by Arthur Croxton-Smith

    From the book The Power of the Dog (1910) The Pointer “His nostril wide into the murky air, Sagacious of his quarry from so far.” Milton—Paradise Lost tiff by the tainted gale with open nose, Outstretch’d and finely sensible, draws full, Fearful, and cautious, on the latent prey; As in the sun the circling covey bask Their varied plumes, and, watchful every way, Through the rough stubble turn the secret eye. Thomson The respective virtues of the Pointer and Setter have been discussed without stint for many years, the advocates of each retaining their opinions uninfluenced by the arguments on the other side. It may not be known that no less…

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