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So this is Christmas…


Dogs & Country wants to wish all its readers Merry Christmas  and a wonderful 2017.

Before writing this paragraph, I (Rossella) did a short research on why Christmas is Christmas, and why it is celebrated on Dec 25th. “Something like Christmas” existed long before Christians transformed  the day in their most important holiday. So, while respecting any religious views, I came up to my own conclusion: I think that this special day placed at the end of December has many purposes and multiple meanings. I think, for example, that it is meant to cheer up people during the dark months of winter; to celebrate the incoming awakening of nature and  to provide some sort of closure before the new year starts. Christmas  is the moment you forget about the most mundane things and start thinking about yourself, you might feel sad and question which are your hopes, your wishes and so on.  Think about whole Santa Claus thing:  children are told to write a letter to Santa in which they ask for those much desired toys. Around Christmas time, adults are dragged along the same path and are forced to think about their dreams.  So, do adults also write letters to Santa? They will never admit but they surely do, the thing is kept well secret in their minds.

So thank you for reading and liking us,  keep calm if things get hectic and hug your dog, he (or she) wants you to be happy!

May your winter holidays be full of happiness and laughter.



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