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Harkila and I


The Universe loves me! It could not be otherwise: Harkila chose me to test some of its products!

For those who have never heard of this brand, but I bet you all have, Harkila is a Scandinavian company manufacturing technical garments for hunting and shooting. Harkila’s family were bear and moose hunters and developed their products keeping the hunters’ needs in mind. While interacting with them, I was asked if I wanted to test any specific items, I replied that, given the company’s reputation for quality, I was going to let them choose for me . They sent me a Jerva suit (Lady Jacket & Trousers). I am testing it at the moment, this first article will discuss only the garments technical features and  my first impressions. The final opinion will come after a suitable amount of testing.img_1238-1

First impressions: when I found my package in the mailbox, I was surprised it was small and light, but when I opened it, It showed a little treasure. Jacket and trousers were coming in a very nice chocolate brown, a colour that I like, and that suits me. Being keen on details, I promptly noticed the cardboard label: I would define it “country chic” and very classy, then came the materials. The suit is made of two different fabrics: the stretch very technical polyester panels are interrupted by lightly waxed cotton, which smells of tradition. Jacket and trousers are soft, light and very tempting: I tried them on immediately! My size is usually XS/S IT 40/42 UK 8/10, but the smallest size available for the Jerva is a S/42/10 (they call it 36). I would consider the jacket a small S/42/10: it is stretchy so it can probably accommodate someone slightly bigger but, in that case, it would not look that flattering. It is meant to be fitted and to be worn with something light underneath: no bulky sweaters allowed, they would ruin the whole appearance. Trousers, instead, are a little big for me, they are likely to be a generous S/42/10, they are very soft and comfy.

Jerva Jacket
The garments are high quality, you can tell this at the touch and by looking at their the finishes. Furthermore, while being extremely soft and comfortable, they remain stylish and feminine, something hard to find when it comes to technical hunting gear. I must confess I love the tiny red accents placed on the suit. The jacket has an adjustable hem, two front pockets, a double internal pocket and a smaller pocket on the breast, close to the left shoulder. At a first sight the front pockets do not appear to be deep but they are: a cell phone and the car keys can be stuffed inside. Pockets can be closed with a button, so that you will not lose their content. The smaller pocket and the internal pockets have zips. Trousers have two front pockets and two pockets on the tight that can be closed with a zip. The cloth is extremely silent, if you walk around wearing the suit, you will notice it makes no noise, which tells me it would be great if you plan to go stalking deer, boar and other large animals in the woods.


The jacket’s adjustable hood and a light wax finishing make this suit water-resistant: I do not think it will keep you dry if you spend a whole day under a heavy rain, but it would do the job under moderate rain, for brief periods of time. Harkila defines the Jerva suit light (I can confirm) and hardwearing (I am testing it), suitable for a moderately rough environment: I am testing it during dog training, field trials and for shooting in not so hostile environments.


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