A Month on the Moor

Goodbye Durham Co.


The car has been loaded (again!) and tomorrow will drive me to Reeth first and to Glenlivet second. I checked with the new B&B about  three times and they are waiting for me, it will be a farm and I hope it will be as nice as this one.  Why did I check three times? Because here in Woodland it happened that for one night, my room had been booked twice: once by me via e-mail and once by someone else through an Internet booking site! The problem was later solved but not without a panic attack!20160727_184832[1]

Today I spent my last day in Durham Co. Happy days, wonderful landscape, nice people. I really enjoyed my stay at the local B&B and my time on the moor, either trialing, training, counting or simply taking pictures.  I made friends with “Barnard Castle” a small “town” which I deem to be too “crowded”. There I discovered that: 1) shops close at 5 PM or even earlier (In Italy they close at 7.30 PM with some supermarkets being open until 10 PM); 2) you must pay to park by the supermarket (Italian supermarkets offer free parkings to anybody, to attract you inside); 3) British People like figurines and other decorative items, there are many shops which sells this kind of stuff, in my country they will close down quick as people tend to have small houses and be obsessed with de-cluttering and house cleaning; 4) British people are proud of Britain, Italian people forget about Italy.


The sheep roaming freely which looked so weird to me last year are no longer noticed! They are just sheep by the road, nothing so interesting to look at.  My way to Scotland will be a long way and, as much as I am happy and curious to go there, as much I am also sad to leave Durham Co. behind my shoulders. This place is heaven-like and I hope that those living here (or who can easily come here) realize how lucky they are! Still curious about British trials? Check the section A Month on the Moor or click here.


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