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Puppies…. Briony x Gregor


The puppies

I chose this dam and this stud to obtain excellent hunters with a good conformation and size. I think English Setters should be beautiful and smart hunting dog with a sound conformation. I want the puppies to be strong hunters, healthy and have a nice temperament. Hopefully they would also have enough qualities to be trialed and/or showed. A female puppy will be kept by me. I carefully planned this litter and the pups will be reared inside the house (not in a kennel) to be properly socialized and housetrained. Pups will be fed Carnilove puppy first and Carnilove large breed puppies later.

My ideal owner is someone who can understand and appreciate the care I put in this litter. These pups should become family members, not hunting tools.

To contact me: englishsetterATgmailDOTcom

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