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Every  now and then I feel the need to try something new. The new thing has to be interesting, funny and totally different  from what I am used to, so different that I never know what it shall be.  There is only one thing I am always certain of: my experience must  feature an idyllic quality/price ratio.  When I found an incredible bargain, however,  I ruminated on it for two days before going for it, last minute. After booking my “session”, I rushed to the station, took a train (quite an act of bravery, if you are familiar with Italian trains) and in less than an hour I reached Milan’s Dome. I am not a city person, but I do sometimes appreciate being surrounded by beauty and art, and there I was. I had plenty of time to stroll around, drink a coffee pretending to be a tourist,  and  find my destination, right in the Duomo’s shadow. According to my booking, I had to be at Kryolan shop by 2.00 Pm, a make up artist was going to take care of me. The shop was small, but tidy and full of mysterious things.  I have no idea of how a kabuki brush works, neither I can tell the difference between two lipstick families, but, as always, I am hungry for knowledge.

There was a customer, a lady, who was enthusiastically purchasing dozens of items, she was so passionate about them  that she paid the huge bill they had generated with a big smile on her face. As soon as she left, a girl came in: she graduated from Brera’s Fine Arts  Academy and she was looking single false eyelashes extensions, I admit  I did not even  know they existed!  It came out she was a sculptor and the store manager likewise:  interesting people were gathering there!

I prodotti omaggio

I am pretty basic when it comes to make up, in fact I had never had a professional make up session  in my life. I did not know what to expect,  still I was more curious than worried. Stefania, a warm and welcoming girl, announced she was going to work on my face. She asked me  if I had any concerns, or preferences, and she laughed out loud when I replied that no, due to my limited knowledge, I had nothing to say. I later added, however, that I wanted to learn more, as I am fascinated by anything artistic, including make up. Stefania explained me that she is a make up artist working mainly with theatres, thus introducing me to an unknown world. She first told me that I have “something” that reminds  her of the Roaring Twenties & of the Great Gatsby (well people were classy in that era!),  but later, while, placing something on my face, she declared that I am also very “renaissance” and I that I should take part in Game of Thrones! It was funny! She seemed to be at ease working with me,  I told her about dogs and countryside, adding make up artists would find many clients in the dog show world; she gave me a lot of information including websites and books to look for. She explained that Kryolan is a German company producing cosmetics for theater, cinema and it is well known among professional make up artists. Ordinary people, like me, do not know it despite the fact it was founded in 1945. This is the reason they are offering very affordable make up sessions & complimentary products.

The make up she used on me was very subtle, the face in the mirror was still mine, just slightly better. As she had no appointments right after mine, she took her time, hand picked the best complimentary products for me, and gave me tons of advice and encouragement. I promised her I was going to read some books she mentioned and try some of the techniques she suggested.

As you know, I usually blog about dogs & country matters, and I know nothing about the quality of make up products. They looked good on me, I love their lip stain  and, most of all,  they seemed stable (not leaving ugly stains on clothes, cell phones…), but I am not here to review products, just to share a nice experience. I really enjoy meeting people who are smart and skilled but yet, remain humble and this happened at Kryolan Milan. It was fun and I want to encourage other women to try something like that, I am sure you can find a reputable make up artist near you: go there, be different for one day and have fun!

Ps. A make up artist advice is often a decluttering advice: as I got home I selected the colours unsuitable to me,  donated them to someone else and threw away the expired ones making room for something better!

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