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The Undomestic Goddess: Tips and Tricks!


For those who have not read Sophie Kinsella’s book The Undomestic Goddess
the story revolves around Samantha, a successful attorney who suddenly gives up her job and pretends to be a proficient housekeeper. Nothing can be further from the truth: Samantha can’t cook, can’t iron nor can clean, but she is smart enough to find “creative” solutions to solve domestic problems. Same happens here and I am proud to share my most recent discoveries encouraging you to try them at home!

  • Pet dryers. These things are multitasking, like drahthaars (GWPs). If you never manage to de-dust your laptop keyboard properly, just blow it with a pet dryer, you will be amazed by the results. These things can also be used on sore muscles and trigger points. They warm up the muscle quickly and you’d feel better (trust the vet!).
  • Fancy Organic Soaps (Dr. Bronner Pure Castile Liquid Soap). I was given a collection of these as a Christmas gift by a hippie friend, everybody needs a hippie friend by the way. Never heard of this brand before, but they had a good INCI (composition – yes, I do read soap labels) and came with a presentation leaflet listing all the things you could use them for.  Washing dogs was one of the listed things but I did not trust the leaflet. This morning while I was washing mud away from Briony, I realized she was very muddy and that some shampoo could have helped. I had one of these bottles at hand and just used a few drops on her legs’ feathers. Well, they came out silkier than with our “professional” dog shampoo, plus she was grateful I used the unscented variety. Further research is needed.

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